Need an Expert to repair your log home?

Do you require repairs to your log home? Call the experts at Wiley Log Homes.In addition to building log homes from the ground up, we also perform estorative work on existing log homes. We have experience restoring a variety of different homes ranging from log homes built in the 1800s to the modern kit homes vailable in today’s market. Regardless of your level of restoration, we have the expertise to get your log home back in shape and looking great.

Log Work

Rotted logs often appear to be a bigger problem than they really are, so don’t let rotted logs impede you from enjoying your home. Wiley Log Homes has the expertise to assist you with this restoration. We can restore all types of logs and get those rotted ones replaced with new ones in no time. So whether you have a log home kit or a handcrafted log home, we have the ability to replace those rotted logs and give you a seamless match with the existing logs, leaving your home looking beautiful again.


Rotted Logs

Here is a photo of wall logs that have been overexposed to water as a result of a leaky downspout. Have you checked yours lately? The wall logs are the logs hat hold up the rest of the house so it’s important to make sure they remain in peak condition in order to avoid the possibility of larger problems arising down the road.

Rotted  Logs have been removed

Here is a photo showing the rotted logs that have been removed. As a part of our restorative process, we first remove all the rotted logs and then test the surrounding logs in order to ensure that there are no signs of rot left in the walls. As an added precaution, we also treat the remaining logs with anti-rot agents to make sure there are no future issues. We like to give our clients the peace of mind in knowing they can enjoy their log home for years to come. your home looking beautiful again.

Logs replaced

In this photo, you can see the new (and dry!) logs that have been custom milled and crafted to match the existing logs. In order to give you the highest quality of restoration, all of our replacement logs are treated with Borate, which is an agent that used to combat rot and termites. After we install the new logs that are tailored to match your home, we fill all the gaps with a sealant (specifically for log homes) to ensure an airtight seal around all the logs. We take the time to consider every detail in replacing your logs, from the logs we choose to the way they are milled. We take pride in providing you with a quality restoration with an aesthetically pleasing finish that will last the test of time.

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